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03. A Four Part Mini Series with Dana

Unlocking Your Flexibility
03. A Four Part Mini Series with Dana

Every Friday in February

This series focuses on time spent in postures in deep stretches while relaxing as much as possible. Dynamic movements are used to counter deep holds with a large focus on breathing during postures.

Week 1 - Unlocking your spine: This class targets the shoulders, the psoas and the muscles along the spinal column that, together, contribute to tightness along
Week 2 - Unlocking your hamstrings: This class will target the 3+1 muscles running from glute to knee. This area is particularly tight for runners and cyclists, but most people find a lack of mobility here.
Week 3 - Unlocking your hips: This class targets the large all-and-socket joint and its array of connecting muscles and tissues. Our gateway to full range of motion.
Week 4 - Unlocking your flexibility: The final class. Working back on each area for full body release.

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