05. Heart Centered Practice

A Mix of Traditions - A full body practice centers in the heart with Iliana
05. Heart Centered Practice

4 PM - 6 : 30 PM
$ 50
Limited Space! Sign up in advance 949-9642

A mix of different traditions:
Kundalini, Vinyasa, Yin and Nidra
Practicing back bends can help us explore that balance between head and heart. However, if we perform ALL yoga poses (not just backbends) with a focus on working from the heart, we will not only be doing the pose, but also feeling and being in the pose.
“We have had an extremely challenging last three years where our nervous systems have been hyper vigilant. We had to plan and control and be prepared for worst case scenario. We need to come out of this space where the negative mind is in control. Working with your heart will help get out from patterns
that are taking a toll in our nervous system” - Iliana