About Bliss Yoga Studio

Why did you decide to become a Bucket List Coach?

I really enjoy educating and teaching people and the bucket list message fits my personality perfectly. And I love public speaking, especially when you are speaking about something that you believe in and have a strong passion for.

What are the top 3 Bucket List experiences you've had in your life so far?

  1. Being the owner and founder of the #1 kids salon franchise in the world Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids, I was able to donate one of my salons as a Vocational School to a kid’s orphanage and at risk center in Talpiot Village in Hedera, Israel.
  2. Teaching people the true meaning of life while at the same time offering them an opportunity to invest in themselves with a Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids franchise.
  3. Teaching my kids how important it is to be happy with your wife or husband, and life is all about compromise.

What are the top 3 Bucket List items that you're aiming to #tickitB4Ukickit?

  1. Leave the proper legacy for my kids and make sure they know the importance of giving back and loving the person you are with.
  2. Do some one on one travel with my dad (85 years old) before he is unable.
  3. Tell and teach the people around me the importance of life and love what you do in life.

Why do you love being Bucket List Coach?

I really enjoy sharing my life qualities with people. I am a very sincere and emotional person and I like sharing my feelings with others. Being a Bucket List Coach will allow me the opportunity to change people’s lives, for the much better, in just an hour or two. Being a positive person and always 100% stress free, this will be a very easy accomplishment for me. Giving back to people and helping people be happy is what I love about life. And I do practice what I preach! It’s pretty easy.

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