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3 Month Unlimited Yoga Pass

Completed the 30/60?

you may win a 3 MONTH UNLIMITED YOGA pass + all participants, purchase your next pass at a 20% reduced rate until March 14th. #ayearofyoga2020

Chair Yoga Workshop

CHAIR YOGA continues in 2020 every Friday at 1:15pm.

OPEN LEVEL and for any age. A practice of movement, stretching and stillness with the stability and support of a chair and Lindsay’s guidance. Register in advance. (Drop ins welcome). Please wear comfortable clothing.

Create Confidence in 2020

Start your new year, new decade off with a consistent yoga practice. 30 in 60 days

An effective and well rounded yoga practice will balance the mind and body. 80 classes weekly taught by highly experienced and professional instructors. January 1 - February 29, 2020 . #ayearofyoga2020

Detox Flow with Iliana

3:30 - 5:30pm | Saturday March 7th | $30

The inclusion of both yin and yang components, strong and supple postures will cultivate a balance in the *koshas as you enter springtime. The focus will be on wringing out and massaging the digestive system for a thorough spring cleaning, while creating a steadiness and presence to remind us to turn inward, reflect, and consciously prepare to renew. Whether moving through a transition from one yoga posture to the next, or from winter into spring, lingering in the moments in between encourages us to slow down, move mindfully and find the yoga beyond the asanas. *The koshas are energetic layers or sheaths that move from the outermost layer of skin to the deep spiritual core. The koshas provide a framework for conceptualizing ourselves. Much like the chakrasystem, the kosha layers come packaged with their own individual physiological function and psychology. In some respects, the kosha layers mirror the psychology of the chakras.

Girls Spring Yoga Program

Every Sunday in March, 3:30pm to 4:30pm. 10yrs to 14 yrs.

Taught by Lynsy Correia. Price $15 Single class or $50 for all five sessions. *Take the foundations of yoga home and and into your life!*

Group Rates

Special rates for group classes.

One per person. No sharing. Pass is active form the dates of signup and group can be formed within one company. Non-corporate membership is $150 per 10 class card. Non-corporate yearly membership $1200. Monthly billing options is available.

Hot Yoga 101

Saturday March 21st | 12pm - 3pm with Heidi + Janelle | $40

This newly designed Hot Yoga clinic is designed for absolute beginners and seasoned practitioners. The purpose of this clinic is to answer any questions you have accumulated, (please bring them with you!) rectify common errors, perceptions and expectations. We will also give you glimpses into more advanced variations of poses as well as modifications to allow you to evolve in the practice as we do through different times and stages of life.

INNER HARMONY, Aligning Our Inner Relationships

With Emma Hawes Sunday February 23rd 3:15pm - 6:15pm, $50

Aligning our Inner Relationships. When we find harmony and balance within ourselves, we find harmony and balance in our outside environments. This workshop will go through the key elements to mastering your own inner harmony. We all need it, we all crave it, but in order to achieve it we must look at all aspects of ourselves. True happiness is always an inside job! During this workshop we will go through each of these aspects, understanding their roles and the parts they play in our lives, and finish with a group combined hypnotherapy with Yoga Nidra session to find out what is going on with our own relationships, and see if we can bring them back into harmony and alignment. We all create our own reality, so what is your reality showing you? and are you ready to change it to the one you truly desire?

Meditation Course - Practice, Theory and Technique

February 6th - March 5th, Thursday 7pm-9pm - Cost $150

Chantelle will lead a five week 10hr course with techniques and in depth theory of meditation. This course can be used as continual hours for current yoga instructors. Bring meditation into your daily home practice! The ancient yogis discovered an antidote to hectic times. Meditation clears the accumulation of daily stressors and demands that can pile up... if it's put into practice! Learn simple and accessible meditation techniques to use when the busy-ness overwhelms.

Prenatal Series Workshops

February 1st - March 7th, 6 sessions, Saturday 3:15-4:15 150.00 Please sign up in advance! All levels, all stages of pregnancy

Iliana, Lindsay and Chantelle will be co-teaching this 6 week series. Drop ins welcome, whole series encouraged so that you leave with the tools for a home practice. Meet women that may become good friends and your new community!

Trigger Point Therapy, Pranayama, Asana & Anatomy for Pain Relieft, Mobility & Joint Care.


We have added MARCH 15TH to the series as a repeat SHOULDER workshop. Understanding why this dynamic and elaborate system gives us troubles and what we can do about it….

Yoga App

Download the Bliss Yoga App today.

Available for Apple devices only. Go to your app store and search for "Bliss Yoga Cayman".

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is more then a systematic approach to total rejuvenations and healing, it is truly a gift to help you shape your optimal health of mind and body.

The practice of yoga nidra has some pretty powerful psychological benefits as well. it can assist in healing psychological wounds and assists those dealign with depression and dependency. Anyone can do yoga Nidra; children to seniors as long as you can find a comfortable position on your back all that is necessary for yoga Nidra is total stillness (coprse pose). Unlike other practises of yoga, in yoga Nidra all . you do is function on sa level of feeling and listening. No movement so that the body gets the optimal rest while you continue to listen to hte dialogue; the doby will be in deep sleep and he mind is at the place wehre we experience just before sleep comes... 40 minutes of Yoga Nidra is like 4 hours of deep, still, good sleep!

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